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  • May 15, 2019

Carpet cleaning Lockleys. Make your carpet tidy and hygienic with our expert carpet cleaning services in Lockleys. We provide same day and emergency carpet cleaning services in Lockleys at best rates. We are locals of Lockleys and deliver high-end carpet cleaning.

Exceptional Carpet Cleaning at Unbelievable Cost

Do you want to keep your carpets looking fresh and new always? Come to Deep Steam Clean for an exceptional carpet cleaning service anywhere in Lockleys. We are a team of qualified, certified, licensed, and trained carpet cleaners. We are passionate about restoring carpets and making Lockleys beautiful in every possible way. Therefore, we use only eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods to avoid adding to carbon footprints.

At Deep Steam Clean our job includes not just carpet cleaning but also making them absolutely hygienic from deep within. We deliver peace of mind to our customers so that when their kids play on the carpets, they can stay calm knowing that the carpets are absolutely safe.

Excellent Residential Carpet Cleaning

Hire expert carpet cleaners from Deep Steam Clean Lockleys and wave off all your residential carpet related worries. Our lowest priced domestic carpet cleaning makes it convenient for our customers to opt for professional carpet cleaning every season. This is important for both the carpet and the inhabitants of the house. You can get a carpet cleaning quote from us with complete assurance that there will be no hidden charges. We use latest cleaning tools like <truck mounted machines along with biodegradable cleaning solutions for green carpet cleaning services.

Best Carpet Cleaning Lockleys
Best Carpet Cleaning Lockleys

Affordable Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Deep Steam Clean offers most reliable commercial carpet cleaning services in all suburbs of Lockleys. Commercial carpets get different treatment on daily basis as compared to residential carpets. So, the cleaning method for commercial carpets should be different than the domestic ones. We understand this need and thus we have designed certain methods to take care of your commercial carpets. We provide you various cleaning programs for your commercial carpets. For instance you can choose our one time cleaning service, our preventive cleaning program, or our annual carpet cleaning program.

Call us to know more about our cleaning programs. We can promise you least disturbance at your workplace while we perform commercial carpet cleaning.

Cost-effective Rug Cleaning Solutions

We are the most affordable rug cleaning solutions provider in Lockleys. We assure you that you will not find a better price for the quality of service we provide. Deep Steam Clean works hard to make carpet cleaning an essential part of everyone’s life. By delivering cost-effective carpet cleaning solutions we wish to promote cleaner carpets, enhanced health, and better lifestyle for everybody in Lockleys.

No Chemical Carpet Cleaning Lockleys

When you choose Deep Steam Clean’s carpet cleaning services, you are choosing an eco-friendly service. We never use any kind of chemicals that could be dangerous for you or the environment. Our cleaning solutions are totally eco-friendly and thus you can safely let your kids and pets play around while we are at work on your carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Lockleys
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Unique Carpet Cleaning Lockleys Methodology

At Deep Steam Clean Lockleys, we go beyond the conventional and obvious. In our 20 years of carpet cleaning journey, we have understood that no two carpets are the same. No two carpets have the same kind of stains, no two carpets are same kind of dirty, and no two carpets are made of the same stuff. Therefore, before starting our cleaning process we first address the problem. We assess the carpet in much detail to figure out what fabric it is made of, how much stained it is, what kind of cleaning would be suitable, what cleaning agents would be more suitable, and so on.

After all of this, we choose either carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning for a unique carpet cleaning Lockleys experience.

The Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

We prefer carpet steam cleaning for too dirty carpets that cannot be cleaned by dry cleaning. So if your carpet is way too dirty then we would definitely prefer carpet steam cleaning. It involves the following steps:

  • We first vacuum your carpets to remove all types of solid particles like pet hair, skin flakes, and human hair.
  • Our second step is to remove carpet stains using only eco-friendly solutions.
  • Our third step is hot water extraction. We clean your carpets from within by using pressurized hot water. We have truck mount machines for delivering quality hot water extraction. Then we extract everything including water, cleaning solution, and contaminants from the carpet.
  • Once cleaning is done, it is very important to set the carpet piles. If we don’t work on the carpet piles then your carpet will lose its softness.
  • Our fifth step is to dry the carpets. Carpets take almost 8 hours for complete drying after steam cleaning.
  • Our next step is to deodorize the carpets. This gives a fresh feel to your carpet and leaves a fragrant smell.
  • Our last step is to do a detailed inspection of the carpet and ensure it has been cleaned thoroughly.

    Perfect Carpet Cleaning Lockleys
    Steam Carpet Cleaning

The Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

Dry cleaning of carpet is preferred when the carpet is made of a delicate fabric. Also, a less stained carpet can be easily dry cleaned with effective results. Our carpet dry cleaning process involves following steps:

  • We first vacuum your carpets to remove all types of solid particles like pet hair, skin flakes, and human hair.
  • Next, we use finest range of carpet cleaning tools for deep cleaning of your carpet using dry cleaning tools. Additionally, we employ agitating machines and rotary brushes to make the solution go deep into the carpet fabrics with less water.
  • In carpet dry cleaning, it is important to take care of residual particles after the cleaning. We use advanced vacuum machines for this task.
  • Our fourth step is carpet drying using strong air dryers. We make your carpets ready within an hour.
  • Our fifth step is to deodorize the carpets to give it a fragrant smell.
  • Our last step is to do a detailed inspection of the carpet.

How Deep Steam Clean is Unique

Deep Steam Clean is today’s choice of Lockleys. We are loved by thousands of our customers because we deliver quality services with money back guarantee. In addition to that,

  • We provide complete range of carpet cleaning services.
  • Further, we have a responsive customer service.
  • We assure you of lowest prices.
  • Additionally, we use latest cleaning tools.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Moreover, we are available 24×7.
  • We do carpet cleaning Lockleys on weekends & public holidays.
  • Further, we have a friendly staff.
  • We deliver same day & emergency carpet cleaning.
  • Furthermore, we are an insured company.
  • We are locals of Lockleys.

Call Deep Steam Clean to experience a delightful carpet cleaning service in Lockleys!

Location: Lockleys, SA , Australia